Experience the best of Laos with this epic two week adventure taking in the bustling capital city, ancient towns, charming villages, life on the Mekong River and spectacular natural scenery. This tour will commence in the ancient town of Luang Prabang, where we will see ancient temples, sacred monuments and colonial architecture. We will travel to the mysterious Pakou caves by bicycle, stopping at small traditional villages to see local craft-making and meet hill-tribe communities. We will journey to mystifying “Plain of Jars” archaeological site, also taking in the tranquil village of Van Vieng, and visiting various spectacular caves in the surrounding countryside. We will see Vientiane’s most treasured sites, including the oldest temple in the city and the former royal temple. From the city, we will take a scenic journey towards the Namsanam Waterfall and the Khong Lor Cave, which can be explored by boat. We will then venture south to Pakse, via the historic town of Savanakhet, where we can visit the oldest and largest monastery in southern Laos. From Pakse, we can trek between the Taldo Waterfalls, learning about local life and nature on the way. Our journey continues to the Boloven Plateau where we will see charming villages, dramatic waterfalls and a coffee plantation. We will travel by traditional boat along the Mekong river, taking in the lush islands of the archipelago and visiting the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia. Our journey ends with a visit to former royal capital of Champasak, where we will see the Wat Phou Temple complex.